MultiPressure System

CustomKraft’s MultiPressure System® uses one pump per bay. This pump uses the same delivery hose for high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure cycles. Lower pressure cycles are applied at a pre-set, field adjustable pressure, while high-pressure cycles remain unchanged. Chemicals are selected using color-coded solenoid valves with lighted NEMA rated connectors. The chemicals are pressurized with the bay pump; a delay timer activates a secondary by-pass valve, allowing discharge back to the intake of the pump. By controlling the by-pass flow rate, cycle delivery pressure is regulated.


When a customer selects a low-pressure cycle, the MultiPressure System® runs at high-pressure until the chemical reaches the bay. This permits faster delivery to the customer and higher customer satisfaction. When the product reaches the spray tip, the system automatically switches to low-pressure. The lower-pressure chemicals are then applied at the selected pressures. The unit initiates at high-pressure for each new selection.

CustomKraft MultiPressure System® Advantages

⯁ Uses the same pump for the high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure.

⯁ Single delivery hose per bay reduces installation time and eases maintenance.

⯁ WeepMizer freeze protection is used on single delivery hose, without overhead check valves.

⯁ Changeover time is reduced for low-pressure applications and is independent of chemicals being dispensed.

⯁ Eliminates many components including: in-bay check valves, low-pressure delivery pumps and poly hoses.

⯁ Low-pressure cycles may be delivered at higher application pressures.

⯁ Increases the reliability of the system by reducing the number of components.

⯁ CustomKraft’s equipment is ETL & CETL listed.

⯁ CustomKraft MultiPressure System® has been in service for over years without a pump failure due to application.