Modular System

CustomKraft’s Modular System is engineered for simplicity and reliable operation.  Systems are manufactured to design specification and built to surpass customer expectations. Variations in motors, pumps, drive systems, electric controls and pump initiation create an abundance of opportunities. 

CustomKraft Modular Advantages

  • Flexibility of design.

  • All stainless steel frames, electrical enclosures, solenoids and chemical tanks.

  • Price-driven options available.

  • CustomKraft’s equipment is ETL & CETL listed.

A Single Phase Motor Unit with added Foam Brush Capability

A Single Phase Motor Unit with added Foam Brush Capability


Modular units are typically designed for single or dual gun operation. These systems may be initiated using:

  1. Static on switch (constantly powered and operational by selecting a run option on the switch).

  2. Key switch (powered only when a key is inserted and rotated to apply electrical supply).

  3. Timer (timed load may be triggered by a button, coin/token, bill or credit card)

  4. Trigger gun (When the trigger is pulled, the unloader control valve sends power to the motor.  When the trigger is released, a timer is initiated to shut-off the equipment if the release time extends past the pre-set).