CustomKraft Bay Meters

Encourage Return Customers

More Selections Available

CustomKraft’s systems encourage customers to return to your wash by offering more selections for a clean car. Customers spend more time in your car wash bays using these many functions. Customer satisfaction is higher when they can create-their-own car wash in the bay.  

Faster and Consistent Changeover Time

400% faster delivery (3 to 5 seconds) for low-pressure selections, other systems using low-pressure pumps require 15 to 20 seconds to deliver product from the top of the boom.  Pressures may be adjusted from 50 psi to full operating pressure.

Efficient Systems + Repeat Customers = More Income

Improve Your Point of Sale

Offer All Payment Options

CustomKraft Bay Meters are 12” x 20” --- large enough to include:

⯁ Coin and Token Acceptance

⯁ Bill Acceptance

⯁ Credit Card/Debit Acceptance 

CustomKraft Bay Meters use the most reliable brands of electronic coin and token acceptors, Mars bill validators and a variety of credit card acceptance that is the best fit for your car wash. Plus detailed data acquisition, periodic reporting and loyalty cards are available through these various components. 

Continuously Improve Your Carwash

Easily upgrade to 12 Functions for future expansion. It is easier to sell additional products to an existing customer in the bay, than to bring in new customers.  Also, a marketing advantage is achieved by offering cycles your competitors do not.

CustomKraft offers over 25 in-bay selections. This variety of choices allows the car wash owner to adapt the facility to any business plan—CustomKraft has selections that best match the car wash location.

Appealing Durable Decals

Customize Bay Meter Decals with your car wash logo and colors or choose our standard decal with water drops and bubbles that is very welcoming to customers. 

CustomKraft’s colorful polycarbonate decals have “user friendly” prompts for the car wash’s initialization. Polycarbonate is very tough, scratch resistant and impervious to many kinds of chemicals and harsh elements. Polycarbonate is not the same as vinyl.

Bilingual – Spanish/English – instruction signs are also available.